To the Alumni Association current students are our Future Alumni. Alumni Stay Connected, Give Back and Continue the Vision because they see the potential each and every Otter has.  They want to ensure that their legacy and traditions continue and grow, they do so with the following programs for Future Alumni:

Capstone Grant Applications

The CSUMB Alumni Association supports our future alumni through capstone grants. Awarded each Fall and Spring capstone grants are possible up to $500. Apply today!

Capstone Grant Instructions
Capstone Grant Application
Capstone Grant Sample Budget

Visit the Alumni Association At:

The Alumni & Visitor Center
M-F 8am-5pm

Sign up for an alumni mentor:
Take A Student To Eat

CSUMB Alumni give back in many ways, the TASTE Program allows them to give back with their time and knowledge.  If you are interested in finding an alumni mentor from your major or field of interest, have questions about college, or the "real world", sign up for TASTE!

Complete the TASTE application form and return to or return to the Alumni & Visitor Center.